Place Quran

There's no easy way to get quran verses image as using Place Quran

Just call this url to get Quran image {surah} / {verses} / {translation}
  • Translation was optional. If you not specify, it will return arabic only.
  • Verses will return in order that you specified in url.



  1. Return verse 14 from surah 2 (al Baqarah)

  2. Return verses 10 to 18 from surah 3 (ali Imran)

Mix verses

  1. Return verses 20, 25, and 33 from surah 4 (an Nisa),25,33

  2. We can also mix up between individual verse and range of verses. Below will return verses 2,5, 7 to 10, and 13 from surah 5 (al Maidah),5,7-10,13


  1. Return verses 40 to 42 from surah 6 (Surat Al-'An`ām), with Arabic and Malay translation,ms
    Right now, the website only support Arabic, English, Malay and Indonesia translation only. You can specified that as.
    • ar Arabic
    • en English
    • ms Malay
    • in Indonesian

Use in HTML

Since every request to the url will get image response. So you can put it inside any image source link.
<img src=",71/ar,en"/>
On your first request, it will take some time for image generation and compression. Then image load will be fast as usual.

There's a limitation of 15 verses and 3 translation that can be displayed in a single image. If you want to get more verses, feel free to generate another image.


Image Image Image


Thanks to QuranDatabase for opensourcing all the quran content. May Allah accept our works as good deeds.
  1. Arabic - (Original Book)
  2. English - Yusuf Ali
  3. Malay
  4. Indonesian


  • Faiz Shukri (Developer)
  • Nu'man Saadan (Poster Designer)

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