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The easiest way to get quran aya image.

Just call this url to get a Quran image / {surah} / {aya} / {translation}
  • Translation is optional. If not specified, it will use the default ar.
  • Aya will be return in order as you specify in the url.
  • Image size automatically adapts to the viewing device.



  1. Return aya 14 from surah 2 (al Baqarah)

  2. Return aya 10 to 18 from surah 3 (ali Imran)

Mix aya

  1. Return aya 20, 25, and 33 from surah 4 (an Nisa),25,33

  2. You can mix individual and range of aya. Below will return aya 2, 5, 7 - 10, and 13 from surah 5 (al Maidah),5,7-10,13


  1. Return aya 40 to 42 from surah 6 (Surat Al-'An`ām), with Arabic and Malay translation,ms
    Below are the supported translations. (will add more upon request)
    • ar Arabic (Original Al-Quran Text)
    • en English (Yusuf Ali)
    • ms Malay (Basmeih)
    • in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)


By default, image size automatically adapts to the viewing device. To request a specific size regardless of the viewing device, put the size as prefix.

  1. Always return the small image size.
    Where size can be s / m / l.

Use in HTML

Since every request to the URL will get image response, you can put the URL inside any image source link.
<img src=",71/ar,en"/>


  1. The first request will take few seconds, as it being generated. Subsequent requests will be blazing fast as it load from the CDN.
  2. In a single image, only 15 aya and 3 translations can be displayed. Feel free to generate another one if you need more.


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  • (Quran & Translation provider)

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